Suicide Education and Awareness

Creating a community of care begins with education and awareness. Tulane is a JED Campus Alum, which means we completed participation in JED Campus. JED Campus is a comprehensive evaluation of programs, policies and systems supporting student mental health at colleges and universities. Click here to learn more about the impact of JED Campus. 

As Tulanians, we can work together to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide by learning the facts (and debunking the myths), being aware of our own attitudes and behavior, choosing our words wisely, and holding each other accountable toward building a culture of support. In partnership with the JED Foundation, we've collected ample resources to support this goal. Click the links below to learn more:

Learn the Facts: Educate yourself on mental health and suicide statistics. Understand why this is important. 

Signs and Symptoms: Read about common warning signs and how to tell if someone may be struggling. 

Safe and Effective Messaging: Our words matter. Practice using language that promotes help-seeking behavior and eliminates stigma. 

Starting the Conversation: Empower yourself with the tools to help a friend- or even save a life. Be sure to check out our QPR training page as well! 

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