Mentor Institute


Mentorship (n.) - A relationship in which a more experienced person provides guidance, encouragement, and support to a less experienced person to help them succeed.


Mentorship is a key element of the university experience. By connecting students with mentors and supporting those mentors in their work, the Mentor Institute makes finding and becoming a mentor easier.

The Institute provides a strong foundation for our student mentors through a universal training curriculum and centralized resources. Additional opportunities for faculty, staff, and alumni coming soon!


Student Mentor Programs

Student-to-student mentorship is one of the most impactful experiences you can have in college. Explore the links below to learn about our student mentoring programs: 

Career Peer Advisors support students through their unique career journeys.

First-Year Seminar Peer Mentors support students through their first-year seminar course.

Goldman Center Mentors support students with academic accommodations through their college experience.

Newcomb Peer Mentors support new students throughout the fall semester.

Peer College Advisors support students as they work toward their academic goals.

Peer Success Leaders support students through the academic and social challenges of college.

Peer Wellness Representatives support student wellbeing in the residence halls.

Resident Advisors support students living in the residence halls.

Service Learning Assistants support students through their service learning courses.

Scholar Society Peer Mentors support First-Year Honors Scholars students through their transition to Tulane.

Transfer Mentors support transfer students through Orientation and the fall semester.

TUPals support new international students through their transition to Tulane.

Wave Leaders support students through New Student Orientation (Hullabaloo Hello) in the fall and spring.



This image advertises the Common Mentor Application, which is open now until Friday, February 23.





Apply to be a Mentor!

Explore the Common Mentor Application for the leadership role that's right for you! Whether you want to support new students as they join the university, connect with new students alongside a class, or support student success holistically, each of these roles provide great opportunities to practice your leadership and make some new connections on campus.

In one form, you can apply for the following positions:

  • Wave Leader for Hullabaloo Hello Fall 2024
  • First-Year Seminar (TIDES) Peer Mentor for Fall 2024
  • Scholar Society Peer Mentor for Fall 2024
  • Peer Success Leader for the 2024-25 academic year
  • Peer College Advisor for the 2024-25 academic year

You can apply for one position, or all five! Check out the application on the Mentor Institute WaveSync page for more details about each position. The application is open now and will close on Friday, February 23. We hope you apply!