Physical wellness involves maintaining a healthy body and seeking care when needed. It is more than just diet and exercise- physical wellness includes sexual health, substance use, sleep, stress and more. Explore the categories below to connect with resources and build your physical wellness today:

Illness Prevention and Response

Health Center: The Health Center is staffed by licensed and board-certified providers to provide accessible, high-quality medical care for students during their time at Tulane University. They provide primary care and preventive health care services as well as referrals for specialized care in the community.

Pharmacy: The Campus Health pharmacy offers prescription services, over-the-counter products, and medication education and counseling.        

The Well for Health Promotion: The Well provides resources, programs, and services that help Tulane students make healthy choices in support of their academic, personal and professional goals.

Local Urgent Cares/Clinics: Tulane medical center, Ochsner, Touro, University Medical Center

Physical Activity and Body Movement

Campus Recreation

Fitness: Tulane Campus Recreation’s fitness offerings can help you improve your health and wellness through flexibility, stress relief, strength, and cardio training. Check out their virtual fitness options, too!

Intramural Sports: Intramural Sports is a great way to hang out with friends, meet new people and get a fun workout all at the same time.

Outdoor Adventures: Campus recreation offers a variety of opportunities to get moving and connect with nature.

TU Fit: Neighboring Tulane’s downtown campus buildings, TU Fit is a convenient fitness option for Tulanians residing in Deming, the graduate housing complex, and those working or studying at the School of Medicine, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and School of Social Work.

Group fitness classes: Looking to level up your physical wellness? Attending an off-campus group fitness class can be a great way to explore the city while taking care of yourself! Many local fitness studios offer discounted rates for college students.

Walking: Walking is one of the best ways to move your body. Take a walk in Audubon Park, explore the city by foot with a friend, or simply opt to walk instead of your regular commute if possible!

Fitness Apps (all have free versions):

 Tulane Campus Recreation App: For information on Reily Center facilities and programs.

Below are non-Tulane affliliated apps. Tulane is not liable for any third-party applications not provided by the University.

  •  Map My Run: Track your walks or runs around the city- you can see your progress with speed and distance over time.
  •  FitOn: Free workouts by target area, length and intensity.
  •  Lotus Yoga: Lotus Yoga provides a library of free yoga classes and programs you can access from anywhere.
Nutrition and Body Positivity

Nutrition Services: The Registered Dietitian at The Health Center Uptown provides one-on-one nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy to Tulane students to address numerous nutrition related issues.

Students Against Food Insecurity (SAFI) Community Pantry: Students Against Food Insecurity's mission is to engage community service-oriented students in conversations and activities focusing on combatting the prevalence of food insecurity both on Tulane’s Campus and in the greater New Orleans area. The community pantry is one of SAMI's initiatives, located next door to the Chapel of the Holy Saints at 7215 Zimpel Street. The pantry prioritizes assisting members of the Tulane community who silently suffer from food insecurity. For information on volunteer opportunities with SAFI and/or pantry updates, connect with SAFI on WaveSync, or follow @safitulane on Instagram.

School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (SPHTM) Food for Thought Pantry The Student Pantry is open to all presently enrolled SPHTM students. There are no financial restrictions for participation. The Student Pantry is a resource available for a little extra support allowing students to concentrate on the things that matter most at Tulane SPHTM.

Swipe Out Hunger: Are you struggling with food insecurity? Tulane Dining Services and the Swipe Out Hunger program are here to help. Just fill out a quick form with your Tulane ID and we will take care of the rest.

Body Positivity: Body Respect Week

Below are additional apps to explore. Tulane is not liable for any third-party applications not provided by the University. 

  • Mealboard: This free app helps plan health meals, grocery lists, and recipes based on what you have in the fridge.
  • Waterlogged: Make sure you’re staying well hydrated - especially in the New Orleans heat - using this app.
Sexual Health

Health Center: Our clinicians at the Health Center provide an array of services for the most common sexual and reproductive health needs, including STI testing, gynecological services and screenings, transgender health services and others.

The Well for Health Promotion: The Well offers safer sex supplies, sexual health education for students, and sexual violence prevention

  • Sexual Violence Prevention: The Well offers a variety of violence prevention and bystander intervention programs, events, and educational campaigns on campus.
  • Sex and Relationship Help: The Well for Health Promotion promotes sexual health by providing programs, services, and resources that are inclusive, holistic, and evidence-based. Our staff at The Health Center provides high quality, medical sexual health care.

Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline and Education (SAPHE): SAPHE is a compassionate group of Tulane students who are dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual violence and addressing rape culture at Tulane. The purpose of SAPHE is to provide resources and support to the Tulane community through a peer run 24/7 hotline, while working to dismantle rape culture on campus through workshops, events, and outreach.

Survivors Support Resources (All In): Tulane University affirms the right of all students to access an education free of sexual violence. The All In website brings together information, resources, and opportunities to empower our campus community in our efforts to prevent, intervene in, and respond to acts of sexual violence.

Survivors Supports: Facilitated by Counseling Center clinicians, groups are a great way of getting support through talking with other Tulane students with similar concerns.

Title IX: The Office of University Sexual Misconduct Response & Title IX Administration is dedicated to ensuring gender equity at Tulane University, which includes coordinating the University's efforts to prevent and effectively respond to all forms of sex discrimination (including gender identity discrimination) and sexual misconduct impacting community members, including sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, dating and domestic violence, and stalking.

Drug and Alcohol Use and Misuse

Tulane Recovery Community: The Tulane Recovery Community (TRC) is committed to supporting students who are in recovery from substance use disorders and/or who identify as having a problematic relationship with alcohol and/or other substances. They offer recovery-based programs and a safe, non-judgmental environment to discuss collegiate specific topics and ideas supportive of recovery on campus. 

AA New Orleans: Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.

Smoking Cessation Resources

The Well: The Well for Health Promotion provides resources and intervention services that are available for students who may find themselves in situations where you will be making decisions about drinking and smoking — at parties, on dates, in your room. It is best to make careful, thoughtful decisions about alcohol, tobacco, and other substances before you drink for the first time, or before you have your first drink at a party or an event. 

Below are additional apps to explore. Tulane is not liable for any third-party applications not provided by the University:

  • Saying When: Helps you cut back or quit drinking by monitoring your blood alcohol level and when and how much you drink.
  • Wise Drinking: Helps you cut back or quit drinking by monitoring when and how much you have had too much to drink and by providing guidance around safe drinking.
  • Reframe: Reframe using neuroscience to reframe your relationship with alcohol and unlock the healthiest, happiest you.
  • Sunny Side: Alcohol isn’t all or nothing. Try mindful drinking. Whether you want to cut back, or just build healthier habits, Sunny Side may be the right app for you.

Campus Health Sleep Tips: Trouble sleeping? Check out these helpful tips to get back on track and catch some zzz’s.

Below are additional apps to explore. Tulane is not liable for any third-party applications not provided by the University:

  • SleepBot: Sleepbot is an advanced health app for iOS that uses a trained AI model to analyze your sleep patterns and enhance your sleep quality.
  • Calm: Browse sleep stories and night time meditations to help you drift into a deep, restful sleep.

Overwhelming Stress: Are you experiencing an overwhelming amount of stress? Review the Crisis Support resources. You may also consider submitting a concerns report to get connected with Case Management and Victim Support Services. The Counseling Center can be a great option to cope with chronic or severe stress as well.

Stress education: Read about the facts and how to manage and prevent stress in your daily life.

School-related/academic stress: Success Coaching can be a great resource to connect with when your stress is related to your academic life. Coaches can help you work towards your goals and get back on track.

Self Care: Use this self-care map to explore fulfilling activities to combat stress. Think outside of the box.

Below are additional apps to explore. Tulane is not liable for any third-party applications not provided by the University:

  • Happify: A self-guided app that aims to increase positive emotions through exercises and games supported by positive psychology and mindfulness.
  • Breathe2Relax: Provides instruction and guidance on breathing for stress management, mood stabilization, anger control, and anxiety.
  • Headspace: Unique daily guided meditations to help reduce anxiety and stress
  • Sanvello: Health and wellness app used to support stress, anxiety, and depression.

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