Intellectual wellness involves having an open mind when you encounter new ideas and continuing to expand your knowledge, even when it gets tough. Intellectual wellness encourages growth mindset and seeking support. Explore the resources below for support with intellectual wellness:

Study Skills

Success Coaching: Success Coaches assist students in meeting their goals. To do this, coaches provide students with questions, observations, feedback, encouragement, support, and accountability.

Tulane Learning Canvas Toolkit: Self-guided modules that help with specific information centered on academic skill building

Below are additional apps to explore. Tulane is not liable for any third-party applications not provided by the University. 

  • Evernote: Evernote allows you to collect your information and store it all in one place. For example, if you’re writing a research paper, you can “clip” information from different websites and articles and save it all on one page. It’s basically an electronic folder for all your notes. 
  • Quizlet: Quizlet is a “create your own” flashcard, quiz, and study games website. 
  • GoodNotes: This app provides a central place for all of your digital note-taking needs!
Time Management and Organization

Success Coaching: Success Coaches assist students in meeting their goals. To do this, coaches provide students with questions, observations, feedback, encouragement, support, and accountability.

Undergraduate Success Plan: These are ideas of what to incorporate into your college or semester plan that will help you focus on your academic career and cultivate a healthy work-life balance during your time here at Tulane and beyond.

First Year Resources: As an incoming or current first-year student, you’ll have questions. We know that. Take advantage of our many resources to help you prepare for your transition into Tulane and your time throughout your first year. 

Below is another app to explore. Tulane is not liable for any third-party applications not provided by the University.

  • My Study Life  (iOS, android, windows, chrome) is a great app to start the school year or new semester with. It is one of those study apps that functions as a planner, but with much more flexibility than your regular paper planner.  
Major Exploration and Declaration

Academic Advising: Advising is a collaborative partnership that maximizes the individual potential of students by sharing information, tools, and resources that empower students to make informed decisions about creating appropriate academic and career plans to achieve their academic, career, and life goals. They can help you with deciding, switching or declaring your major.

Resource Accessibility and Learning Accomodations

The Goldman Center for Accessibility: At the Goldman Center for Student Accessibility, we seek to eliminate barriers, advocate for inclusion, and ensure access for every member of our community. We stand by our mission, to recognize that a community rich in diversity acknowledges that great minds think differently.

Academic Equity: The Center for Academic Equity aims to ensure that all students admitted to Tulane University have the tools to thrive and flourish academically by enhancing exposure to success coaching, generous need-based financial aid packages, cutting-edge independent research, internships, global travel, site visits, summer fellowships, experiential learning and career enhancement opportunities.


Academic Learning and Tutoring Center (ALTC): Whether you are looking for a place to study between classes, a tutor for organic chemistry, or a writing coach who understands APA formatting, we can help.

  • Peer tutoring: Meet one-on-one with a trained ALTC peer tutor who excelled in the course to review class concepts, work practice problems, ask questions, and get support.
  • Supplemental Instruction: SI Sessions are led and organized by student peer leaders, or "SI Leaders," who have done academically well in the course and have been recommended by the professor. In these regularly scheduled, voluntary, out-of-class review sessions, known as "SI Sessions," students work collaboratively in reading discussions, solving practice problems, comparing notes, preparing for tests, and sharing ideas for improving learning.
  • Academic Writing Center: The Academic Writing Center connects students with trained peer tutors who specialize in writing skills. Writing tutors provide assistance on papers in the English language for most non-science and non-business undergraduate courses.
  • Math Center: The Math Center, formed in collaboration with Tulane's Math Department, is a space designed for students enrolled in difficult calculus and statistics courses. 

Below is an outside resource for tutoring. Tulane is not liable for any third-party services not provided by the University.

  • ULoop: Looking for additional support with a difficult course? Check out ULoop for off-campus and online tutoring.
IT Support

IT Service Desk: Get tech help with the IT service desk! Our Service Desk provides technology support seven days a week. Users can contact the support team by chat, email, phone, in-person, or submitting a request online.  (504)988-8888 or


Howard-Tilton Memorial Library: Howard-Tilton Memorial Library is Tulane University's main library with nearly 4 million volumes, articles from more than 60,000 journals, more than 600 online databases, over 100 computers with specialized software, more than 38,000 audio recordings, and more than 21,000 DVDs.

NTC Grant Funds: Full-time undergraduate students in Newcomb-Tulane College are eligible to apply for grants to support projects that take place during the academic year or summer.

The Research Network: The Research Network is a searchable database encouraging undergraduate involvement in the Newcomb-Tulane College research and creative community. Faculty members use this site to post current research assistantships that are available in their offices, and students can use the network to find and apply to the projects that interest them.

Tulane Undergraduate Research Journal: This journal is an annual, peer-reviewed research journal run by Newcomb-Tulane College students. TURJ publishes outstanding undergraduate research from all areas of knowledge and accept submissions from across the globe.

Summer Research Opportunities: Explore areas of interest by working alongside faculty in those fields or conducting independent research during summer break. 

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