GydEd Chatbot

The GydEd Chatbot asks "how are you feeling this week?" with four options to select: a sad face marked "bad," a frown marked "uneasy," a neutral face marked "good," and a smiling face marked "great"

The GydEd Chatbot, Stella, appears every other week in every undergraduate Tulane students’ Canvas page. Stella asks two questions: How are you? and What makes you feel that way? Depending on how students answer, they are shown helpful resources and can even reach out to student support staff directly for support.


Main Points to Know:

1. As a part of the Tulane's student wellness initiative, we will be adopting a wellness check-in tool.

2. This wellness tool is integrated directly into Canvas and will appear once a week.

3. The check-ins take 30 seconds, and all your answers are confidential until you specifically request support.

4. The chatbot can link you to helpful resources based on your answers.

5. You can also reach out for school support staff directly through the chatbot.

6. If you don’t have time or don’t want to do a check-in, you can snooze the chatbot or exit out of it completely.



What if I don't want to answer now?

The chatbot has a snooze button that you can use to postpone the weekly check-in.

Are my answers confidential?

Yes. Student answers will only be shared with student support professionals if that student gives their explicit consent.

How do I give consent for my answers to be shared with support staff?

You will be asked to consent to sharing your answers if you make an outreach to school support staff, or if they make an outreach to you. If you give consent, your answers will only be shared with school support staff. If you decline, your answers will remain confidential.

If I consent to being identified, will my answers always be identifiable by the school?

No. A student is only identifiable by student support professionals until the student receives help. Once a student receives the help they need, their case is archived and the student's answers will go back to being confidential.

Who can see my answers?

Select student support professionals at your school are the only people who can see your answers. Your answers are by default confidential and will be presented as such unless you consent to being identified.

Who are these “student support professionals”?

The GydEd management team is comprised of carefully selected student support workers including: success coaches, Wave of Support program managers, and training specialists. All team members are well connected campus professionals here to help you.

Is my data sold to third parties?


If I have an emergency, should I use the chatbot to reach out for support?

No. Depending on the emergency, please call 911 or utilize Tulane’s Crisis Resources:

  • The Line for Tulane Students: 504-264-6074
  • Tulane University Police at (504) 865-5911 (Uptown), or (504) 988-5555 (Downtown).
  • 24/7 Student Resources and Support Services Professional On-Call support: 504-920-9900

How often will the chatbot check-in with me?

Once a week.

How long does it take to complete a check-in?

30 seconds. We know students are busy, so we want each check-in to be short.

Why is Tulane using this tool?

To support you as a student! Your check-ins help us identify areas in which we can improve and open an additional opportunity for students to be connected with support resources.

Do I have to answer every week?

No. Check-ins are never mandatory. That being said, the check-ins are there to help you! The chatbot allows you to directly reach out for help and to access resources.